hotel rates fluctuate

Why do hotel rates fluctuate so much?

Have you ever wondered why hotel rates fluctuate so much? Why it is $120 on one day and $200 the next? In this brief article we will provide the insights so that you can plan your bookings and capitalise on savings.

Seasonal Rates

When demand is low in low seasons then rates are lower as there are more vacant rooms available. Similarly, when it is high season or special events then prices go up to meet the demand as there is limited availability in the market i.e Darwin Cup or when there are conferences or military exercises in Darwin.

Low Availability

Sometimes when we have limited rooms available the prices act dynamically and adjust according to demand. We do this to keep rooms available for our regular and returning guests. Also we have contracts with companies to keep rooms available and in order to keep the allotment we will put that particular room type price up to stop them being booked on the online travel agent sites. But we still want to be able to provide accommodation to you and we have secret rates available at these times and you would have received a code in our previous communications with you. You can find the direct rates here.

Booking in Advance

As mentioned above rates change dynamically i.e. they go up and down based on occupancy. That is why it pays to book in advance. Let’s say you book now for 6 months’ time. It is likely that the prices could be anywhere from $10 to $200 a night cheaper as the demand for those rooms has not yet been realised. With our direct flexible cancellation policy if you are thinking of booking dates in the future then now is a good time to do it to get the best rates.

Long Stay Deals

We offer great discounts on length of stay bookings for 2, 4, 7, 14- and 21-night offers. These all appear on our website when you enter the dates.

Regular Guest Deals

Do you have a promotion code? You can just enter it on the booking page. If no availability is showing it may be because nights have sold out for your intended dates, in this case please call reception and we will be able to help you

Why should I book direct?

Online Travel Agents take a commission of the hotel room night of between 15% and 25% so the rate you are paying does not all go to the hotel. That is why it is better to book direct and why you get better benefits when booking directly with the hotel. These added benefits include complimentary breakfast, no credit card fees and better cancellation terms.

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